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Born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL, I am an ocean lover and southern girl at heart. I moved to Ohio in early 2010 with my family, we moved back to Florida in late 2011, and mid-2012 I moved back on my own permanently and I've been here ever since. I'm 22 years old and I am the oldest of six. I am a stay-at-home mommy with two sweet boys, Ezra (who is 3), and Elijah (who is due in February 2017). My husband, Caleb, and I are so excited to raise our boys in our home and to watch them grow and for our house to grow and change as we do. On my blog, I will share with you all the changes and improvements I make, as well as any small DIY projects or crafts I do and remember to take pictures of.

I enjoy DIY anything, furniture makeovers, Fixer Upper (of course), coffee with too much sugar and creamer, reading books that make me laugh and/or cry, learning new things, gardening (though I'm not very good at it), and making any improvement to my house (it makes me really happy). We go to church every Sunday (unless we're sick), life group at church on Wednesdays (when we remember), and I volunteer helping with childcare at a local charity organization that meets once a month called Young Lives which teaches teen moms about Jesus and the awesome plans He has for their lives.

The story behind our house is that this is actually the house me and my family lived in when we moved here from Florida. It belonged to a distant family member who passed away in 2013 and in 2015 (after sitting on the market for awhile), we were able to strike a deal with the new owner. We managed to work out a 5-year land contract (which is basically like rent-to-own), which means that in 2020 after all our payments are made, we will be homeowners! Not only will we be officially homeowners and have the actual deed, but we will be homeowners who don't have a house payment!!! So right now, money is a little tight and I don't have a huge budget for improvements (really I don't have a budget for it at all, but I manage to spend a little money here and there when hubby isn't paying attention), but once the house is completely paid off I will be able to do SO much. I'm so excited about the future and the potential I see in this house, but I am so thankful just to have a roof over our heads and for any small improvements we can make for the time being.

I hope that you will stick around with me through this journey and this awesome opportunity that we've been given as young parents and just young people in general. It's not everyday that you own a house and have it paid off at our age. God has truly blessed us and I see those blessings in everything. Thank you, Jesus, for all that you've done for me and my family. And thank you, reader, for giving me a reason to write this blog!


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