Woodland-Themed Nursery Makeover & Reveal


So it took a little longer than expected, what with having to order all the pieces and decorating and me being 30+ weeks pregnant and all, but I have (pretty much) single-handedly turned our guest room into a nursery and it is even cuter than I imagined. I only feel bad that my firstborn didn't get a nursery quite as sweet (constantly moving from apartment to family's back and forth made that a little difficult).

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It started when I saw the Camp Kiddo pieces from Pillowfort at Target. Originally, I was going to do my eldest's room a forest/woodland theme. I ended up changing my mind and going with a nautical theme. So when I found out I was pregnant with our second, I already knew what I wanted to do. I was hoping for a girl so I could do the cute little bears and foxes with the flowers and whatnot, but I am just as happy with the boy version.

I started by getting my son's room ready for the queen-sized bed which included painting, moving furniture, etc. You can see the full makeover and reveal for his room here. So this is what the nursery looked like when I started. I had JUST cleared this room out and gave it its own makeover, turning it from a random objects storage room into a guest room.

After the bed was out, I took down the curtains and wall-hangings and had my husband move the other small furniture to the basement. After everything was cleared out, I cleaned the walls of fingerprints and smudges and swept the floors. Then it was ready for nursery furniture. Once the crib and changing table were in the room, it already felt like a baby's room.

I also had him bring the rocking chair in from the front porch. It was sun-bleached and dirty so I cleaned it up and painted it white. That took a few days with all the crevices and having to do about 3 coats, but it turned out really cute. I had my fingers crossed for a comfy glider, but this will do just fine.

Next was the fun part, buying all the stuff! Waiting for everything to ship and show up on our porch is always fun. My 3-year old loves getting "presents" so even though all the stuff was for his little brother, he enjoyed opening up the boxes everything came in and helping mommy take it upstairs. I put it all where it went, finished decorating, and took some pictures and here's the final results.

I find myself in here a lot, waiting patiently impatient for the day our boy is born and changes all of our lives. We are so excited for this next chapter and I can't wait to watch my sweet boys grow up together in this old house that has become our home with so many memories already and many more to come.

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