Planning A Nautical-Themed Boys Room


Hello again!
I told you in my last post that I would give you all the details on my son's big boy room that I am planning, which is also the first step in getting the nursery started. As I mentioned, I am totally obsessed with the Pillowfort collection at Target. So naturally, I have been stalking the website and coming up with an entire list of items that I need to complete my son's room.

Phase 1: The first step I am going to take will be removal of all things Sesame Street. Sorry, Elmo! I will keep everything for when my next boy is old enough and ready for his toddler room (so as not to be wasteful, considering he just got all this stuff for Christmas last year). To the basement it shall go!

Phase 2: After the room is clear of furniture, I have to slap some paint on these walls because navy blue and crisp white just do not work with baby blue and sour apple green. I'd also like to get the trim painted if I can, but I'm going to be short on time with baby #2 due mid-February so it might not happen. Fingers crossed I can get some help with this because unless I'm nesting super hard, I am not going to have the energy to do all this alone. I am thinking a pretty, light gray for the walls and white for the trim.

Phase 3: Now that the big stuff is done, I can move the queen-size bed that is in the guest room into this room. This is a big deal because this is the last required step for Ezra's room (everything else is not a necessity), which means he can use this room again. As well as being the last major step for Ezra's room, it is the first major step for the nursery. Now that the big furniture is out of the old guest room, we can bring the baby furniture back up from the basement and start work on the nursery. Luckily, painting is finished for that room (besides the doors, closet, and ceiling). So we can set the crib back up, drop the mattress in there, bring the changing table back up, and I will probably put the rocking chair that's on the front porch in there (unless I get a glider).

Phase 4: Once the furniture is in this room, all the big stuff is done and I can start working on little things and decorating. Ezra doesn't know it yet, but he is going to be unwrapping his new room this Christmas! Thanks to my momma, this room will have all new everything! Including a new comforter set, sheet set, curtains, and rug. Because we had to get rid of the guest room to make room for the nursery, this room will double as a guest room when/if needed. The decor is neutral enough to suit anyone, but not too neutral for a little boy. Plus, I really feel like it's something he can grow with and enjoy for a long time!

 Annandale Area Rug Safari - Threshold™

Thermal Curtain Panel - Room Essentials™

Phase 5: Once my family leaves for the holidays and Ezra has opened all his gifts and everything isn't so crazy and chaotic, we can arrange the furniture the way we want it, put the new sheets on the mattress and make the bed, hang the curtains, roll out the rug, and enjoy the comfy and sweet new room. Little purchases at a time for the decor will happen over time and this room will just keep getting better. I think I am most excited about the simpleness of this room and how easy it will be to keep clean. Did I mention that the great toy clean-out will be happening very soon?

Anchors Plush Blanket - Pillowfort™

Whale Shelf - Pillowfort™

Oar Plaque with Hooks - Pillowfort™

Adventure Awaits Plank Art - Pillowfort™

I will be updating this post as stuff gets done and I will make a new post for the final reveal so stay tuned to see this rooms transformation!


To-Do List:
  • Move Sesame Street furniture to basement
  • Clear out room
  • Buy gray paint
  • Paint walls gray
  • Paint trim white
  • Paint closet gray
  • Paint doors white
  • Organize closet
  • Clean dresser
  • Paint dresser white
  • Buy new hardware for dresser
  • Clean trunk
  • Bring trunk upstairs
  • Move bed from guest room
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Buy rug
  • Roll out rug
  • Buy curtains
  • Buy new curtain hardware
  • Hang curtains
  • Buy new comforter set
  • Buy new sheet set
  • Buy anchor throw blanket
  • Make bed
  • Buy whale shelf
  • Buy shark head wall decor
  • Decorate