Guest Room Makeover & Reveal!

Hey, guys! So I haven't posted in a long while and the reason for that is just that I haven't really been doing anything "post-worthy". Life has been happening and I've been dealing with that, but I've also just been super busy. My little Ezra is turning THREE YEARS OLD in just a few short days and I've been trying to prep and plan for his party. I also found out that my mother and two younger siblings will be traveling from my home state of Florida all the way to Ohio to visit for Ezra's birthday. My mom will only be here for the weekend, but my siblings will be spending an entire month with me so I have been working super hard trying to prepare the extra room and convert it from a storage room to an actual usable guest room. So that's what I will be sharing with you today since I finally (basically) finished this project in just a few weeks. That is major for me because I usually start projects around here and most of them are still unfinished. So here is my pretty much FINISHED GUEST ROOM.

It seems appropriate to first show you what I was working with and how this project started out.

Like I said before, this room was being used as storage for pretty much anything I didn't feel like taking down to the basement. Mostly just stuff that never got unpacked when we moved in, Ezra's clothes that no longer fit, and anything that I didn't know where to put. So yeah, it was a big huge mess and definitely the most difference was made in this room when it started clearing out and was eventually empty.

The first day was just me going up and down stairs taking everything out of this room down to the first floor and then from the first floor to the basement. It was exhausting, but I was motivated by the fact that I was killing two birds with one stone--clearing out the guest room and also getting in some pretty decent and much needed cardio.

After the room was (mostly) clear, I began painting the trim. While most people think I should leave the trim alone, I think it looks much better white and it hides all the imperfections that you can't see in these pictures. The trim in this house is old and it has many scratches and has survived through many crazy children who like to scratch their names into wood. Why do kids do that? Anyways.. Maybe someday I will salvage all the doors and baseboards in this house and sand them back down and give them a nice new stain, but for now my budget can only afford paint.

Painting the trim took up most of the time spent working on this room. It needed about 2-3 coats. Luckily I had help with this part because painting the trim is literally my least favorite thing to do. Once the trim painting was done (which I didn't get a picture of), I didn't mess with the room for a day or two. Luckily, my husband had a day off and I decided to test my luck and ask if he would help me paint the walls. He stalled for a bit, but he actually helped me which is kind of a big deal because he hasn't really helped me do anything here at the house. He works really hard all day at work that he doesn't feel like doing anything when he's home. So I was super excited to be partnering up for this little task. Thanks to him, what would've taken me a few days only took one. We knocked the painting out in a few hours.

After that, all I had to do was wait for the paint to dry so I could start putting the bed together and decorating. Later that night, my good friend dropped the box-spring off so I put the bed frame together that had been sitting in my entryway for a few weeks and Caleb dropped the box-spring on top and then we opened up the new mattress that had also been in my entry for weeks and laid it on top. I collected all of our old bedding stuff that we used before we got our new set from the laundry and made the bed. Once the bed was made it felt like a room, but there was still a few little details I needed to add. Change the curtains, add some decor, rearrange, etc. And here is what it looked like when I was finally done.

This room is basically just a collection of things I had sitting around not being used, but it feels nice and calm and I can't wait for my family to be here and have somewhere to sleep besides my super uncomfortable couch and air mattress that I still don't have a pump for.

I still can't believe I finished this project with time to spare and I just wanted to do something I don't normally do and say thanks to everyone that took part in helping me get this done. I had a deadline of less than one month and plenty of motivation, on top of tons of help from my wonderful family and friends. I could not have finished in time for their visit next weekend without all the help. Thanks to my husband for helping me paint the walls on his day off when I know he would've rather been doing anything else. Thank you to my awesome sister-in-law, Chelsea, for helping me paint the trim when I first started this project and keeping me motivated to finish. Thanks to my mom for giving me a reason to do this project in the first place and for your financial support/donation of a new mattress and for getting a queen size when I was only considering full. Thank you to my sweet friend, Becky, for gifting me a bed frame and box-spring which I would not have been able to get on my own on such short notice.

Anyone can do this, so long as you have a spare bedroom sitting around being used as storage and all the materials on-hand. This project cost me $0. Everything was gifted to me or stuff I already had. If you liked this project and want to see more, share it! Getting my blog attention gives me motivation and helps me grow and reach a bigger audience, potentially helping me to earn revenue from my posts which will fund more projects. As always, thanks for your love and support. I appreciate every like, share, and comment I receive.

Thanks for reading.