How To Remove A Wall-Mounted Sink

We finally got everything that we needed to install our new sink, so we were able to take down the old nasty one. This was not hard, but not easy either when we didn't know what we were doing. I had to google search how to do it, and there just wasn't enough relevant tutorials on how to do it so I figured I should make my own. So here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove an old wall-mounted sink, pictures included. You're welcome.

So before I start, I think it's totally necessary to show you pictures of our old sink so you can understand why this had to happen. Obviously there are more pressing matters I could attend to here at the house, but this was one of the less expensive ones and made a huge difference in bringing the bathroom up to speed with the modern world.

 Besides how ugly and just unclean this sink looked, there were two different faucets. I mean, come on, we couldn't even have warm water.

So that's why I decided to buy a new sink. Well, also because I got the vanity on a crazy flash sale at Lowe's for $39 and how the heck could I pass that up? I couldn't.

1. First things first, TURN OFF THE WATER SUPPLY. There should be two knobs for hot and cold, just turn them both off and turn the faucet(s) on and let the water run until it stops.

2. Unscrew the supply lines from the sink and the knobs that you just turned off.

3. Unscrew the P-Pipe from the drain pipe.

4. Now this is the part that is going to require some muscle. The sink is actually mounted to the wall, so there is a wall-mount that it is hanging on. You have to lift the sink straight up to get it off the mount and disconnect it from the pipes. So once you do that, you should see what should look similar to this. Don't forget to put a bucket under the pipes if they're leaking at all because it could take you a while to install the new sink and you don't want any water damage.

5. Now just unscrew the bolts holding it into the wall.

6. And there you have it. You should find plenty of dirt and grossness where your old sink used to be. If not, you probably did something wrong (totally kidding).

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps someone who has no idea what they're doing like I didn't. Stay-tuned for my next post on how to install a new sink.

10 Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Let's face it--we don't all have the money to hire someone to come remodel our bathrooms.
I think most of us can also agree that whoever designed the floor-plan for our house didn't make our bathroom as efficient and spacious as possible. I certainly can relate to both of these things.
While my bathroom is in working condition, there are definitely some improvements that could be made.
Here are 10 things that you can do yourself to make the most use of space in your bathroom.

1. Above-The-Toilet Cabinet

Having a cabinet above your toilet is one of the most efficient uses of space in your bathroom. You can use it for storing all your Bath And Body Works lotions you bought during the semi-annual sale or you can just use it for sitting all your decorations that don't really belong anywhere else in your house. You can find one like this for under $100 at Wal-Mart.

2. Vanity Sink

If you have sink in your bathroom and you do not have a cabinet under that sink you are wasting precious space, my friend. Pedestal sinks are okay, but vanity sinks are better. Think of all the possibilities, you could have so much more room for activities (and toilet paper)! I scored this vanity sink on clearance at Lowe's for $39 not too long ago and you can too if you just believe.

3. Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets don't have to be for medicine, but they can definitely also be for medicine. They're pretty great, almost like a secret passageway. They're mirrors, but they also hold unknown wonders behind their hidden doors. You too can have your own magical mirror cabinet, like this one from IKEA. Simple, stylish, and super affordable.

4. Taking The Door Off The Closet

I first got this idea from my sister-in-law, who moved into a tiny duplex apartment and came up with this since her bedroom closet had no door. I thought it was so super cute, but we were living in an apartment ourselves at the time and all our closet doors were intact. When we moved-in to this house, the upstairs bathroom door and bathroom closet door were just too close together. The bathroom is very narrow as it is, so another door in this space was just too much. When I saw this pin, it caught my eye because of how much it reminded me of my bathroom. I have taken the closet door off, but I have yet to get a tension rod and hang a curtain. It still looks better than the door, though. You can click the picture to find the mastermind behind this space-saver curtain door hack.

5. Shelves

If you don't have the space, make the space. Walls are a great thing. They keep the outside out and the inside in, but they also can be used for hanging shelves which serve as a storage area for whatever you want. Whether you put them above the toilet, next to the sink, or in the shower they can hold all your knick-knacks and q-tips and cotton balls. Check out this great use of empty space next to the toilet over at Apartment Therapy from their post '7 Clever Renovating Ideas For A Small Bathroom'.

6. Closet Storage Baskets

Storage baskets or boxes in your bathroom closet are super awesome. Just decide what kind of stuff you're going to throw in there and just shove it all in and nobody will see it. It uses a lot less space and it totally de-clutters your closet. Check out this fancy-schmancy closet. Oh wait. That's mine. Read more about it and find out where I got those cute baskets from, here. (Sorry for the ugliest picture on this post)

7. Over-The-Door Towel Holders

 These are a great way to use the space behind your door that you didn't know you had. Whether it's an over-the-door or mounted to the door, towel hooks on your door are great for space-saving as they take up virtually no room at all. Find one like this at Wal-Mart.

8. Tiered Trays

I absolutely love this one because it is super stylish and clears your counter-tops right off. Here is a beautiful example from a super awesome blog that I found on Instagram. She is really nice and crazy talented. I just adore her!

9. Shelves Between Studs

This is more of a little renovating project than it is a DIY idea, but it's still super cool and a great way to use space that wasn't being used before. Love this idea! I wish I knew where this came from so I could link back to them, maybe they had a tutorial on how to do this project.

10. Over-The-Faucet Storage

Some of you may like this idea, or you may hate it. Either way, it is a great way to save some counter space in your bathroom. You can find this item at Wal-Mart.