Pin Of The Week (7/17/15)

Hey, it's been a while! Sorry for the silence. I have been super busy these past few weeks getting ready for my son's 2nd birthday party (post about that coming later). I have totally been forgetting to do the Pin Of The Week for the last 2 or 3 Fridays now. I am back, things are much calmer and slower now and I have been taking the past week to enjoy it and relax. Well, try to, anyways. There's always stuff to do around here.

Anyways, this weeks pin is something that I found while google-ing (Google'ing? Googling? Googleing? Whatever, you know what I mean.) for something I could make with Vanilla Wafers. I picked them up at the store while shopping for party food and don't really know why or what for. I also happened to pick up some cool whip that I didn't need for anything either. Luckily, this recipe calls for both! The only other ingredient is chocolate candy bars, which I already had in the fridge!
This picture is from her blog. Mine did not look nearly this good, lol.


2 – 4.25 oz. Symphony Bars (or other chocolate bars of your choice)
1 – regular size container of Cool Whip
1/3 – box crushed vanilla wafers
1 – 2.25 oz. pkg. pecan chips or finely chopped pecans (optional)

Now, she said to use 2 4.25 oz chocolate bars, but the dark chocolate Hershey Bars that I had on hand were only about 1.45 oz or somewhere around there. I believe I used 6 to get as close to that measurement as possible, but is there really such thing as too much chocolate?

She also used a double boiler to melt the chocolate (which I don't have), so I played it by ear and melted them in the microwave. I could not tell you how long it took, I just kept mixing them up and popping them back in there until it was all melted down.

It was pretty simple to make, but I didn't leave it in the fridge long enough because it was a last minute idea, so when I tried scooping it out it was very sticky and messy. I wish I had had more time because they would have been even better if I had done them right.

I didn't use any nuts on mine, I'm not sure what difference that would have made. I thought they were delicious, either way. Cool whip and chocolate mixed together is like a chocolate cloud from Heaven itself. I could've eaten just that without the vanilla wafers. They were pretty popular at the party (after everyone asked me what it was).

Have you ever made anything similar to this?

Pin Of The Week (7/3/15)

Hey, guys! Sorry I'm a day late on this one, but I found the perfect pin to share with you all today on this beautiful (and not insanely hot) Independence Day!

This one comes from Buzzfeed, 31 Last-Minute Fourth Of July Entertaining Hacks.

There are some really great (and easy) ideas on that list. Check it out and see if you can do any of these last minute tricks.

Have fun and be safe! Happy 4th of July! :)