Virginia Is For Lovers

If you are someone who likes to travel or have an upcoming vacation, Williamsburg, VA is a spot you have to check out!

Williamsburg is a part of the "Historic Triangle" along with Jamestown and Yorktown which is where the first pilgrims settled in America. You can read more about the history of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown by clicking on their names which are linked to their Wikipedia's. :)

Williamsburg is also a short driving distance to Busch Gardens and Watercountry USA, a theme park and water park owned by Seaworld Parks.

I'm going to be completely honest, it is most definitely the biggest tourist trap I have ever been to in my entire life and I grew up near St. Pete Beach in Florida. They literally have a price tag on everything.

When we first got to Williamsburg, we were completely exhausted. We had been driving all night, for about 9-10 hours, so all we wanted to do when we finally arrived at our hotel at 7:30 in the morning was sleep. We get our son and all our bags out of the car, go inside, I tell the front desk man that we have a reservation and are there to check-in.. he steps aside and points to a little piece of paper and tells us that we can't check in until 3PM! I did not hear a word he said after that because I was so angry and upset. I literally started crying, you do not understand how tired I was. This was the worst, being nearly 600 miles away from our own beds and being told that we can't sleep after being awake for over 24 hours now. We had to drive around in some place foreign to us with both of our phone batteries just about dead. I was half-tempted to try and find somewhere quiet and with little/no traffic and sleep in the car until we could check-in.

We ended up finding the Jamestown Settlement which is a museum and yet another money hungry stop in the Historic Triangle. This place is the Bermuda Triangle for your money, it just disappears. I believe the prices were about $20 (give or take) per person to walk through the museum. We immediately walked back out and started walking back to the car when I noticed a path. We turned and followed it. There was a trail between the trees with the most beautiful smells I have ever inhaled. There is so much honeysuckle! I was breathing in so much of the sweet-smelling air that me and my husband joked that we were going to have to pay for all that extra oxygen I had used. We came upon a sign that said there was a "glass house" ahead. So we kept following the trail and what we found was not what we thought, but actually a bit better than what I had in mind (an actual house made of glass). It was an old building that the pilgrims used to make actual glass products to sell for profit. It was pretty cool watching the modern-day glassblowers make glass jars and vases from scratch. It was also right on the water, so there was a beautiful view of the James River which is connected to the North Atlantic Ocean. I've only ever been to beaches on the Gulf of Mexico (not sure if there's some kind of difference? lol). We had fun exploring here to try to pass the time.

We tried to walk through what is now a bunch of shops in the college town of Williamsburg, VA and were told that we needed to purchase two $40 wristbands to give ourselves a tour. I could live the rest of my life without seeing a lot of things for that ridiculous price. They wanted $80 so we could walk around for a half an hour and peek our heads in some old houses... Uhhh, NO THANK YOU.

I have to tell you, Williamsburg is the weirdest place I've ever been to. There was literally nothing but pancake houses, seafood places, and Christmas shops.. I honestly wish we would have counted. It was seriously the funniest thing. That was the first thing we noticed when we got there was just how many pancake and seafood restaurants there were, and then we started seeing the Christmas stores everywhere. It was really strange. We joked about it the whole time we were there. The first place we ate was a place called "Astronomical Pancakes". It was very expensive (as everything there was, as we would come to find out), but the portions were pretty decent and the pancakes were good. I'm not complaining, I just wish we would have been able to take a to-go box because I would have enjoyed those leftover pancakes (maybe), lol. I was really hungry.

Once we were finally able to check-in to our hotel, we went to our room and straight to sleep.

We woke up around 5 or 6pm. I googled the closest beach to our hotel and it was a little place called Yorktown Beach. We got ready and left, ready to start our vacation. We had no time to waste. It wasn't exactly the kind of beach I was expecting, but it fulfilled our craving for a little salty air and sun and Ezra really loved playing in the sand and throwing water everywhere. Yorktown Beach is located on York River, which is also connected the North Atlantic Ocean. We came. We saw. We got Ben & Jerry's. We went back to our hotel. End of day 1.

We spent the rest of our trip at Busch Gardens, Watercountry USA, exploring the area, and visiting local thrift stores. We even scored a VCR for $5 (which I've been wanting since I discovered the hundreds of VHS's in the basement). All-in-all, it was a very good and much needed vacation. There was definitely some crazy and stressful times during the trip, but there were just as many beautiful and fun memories made. :)

Click here to view pictures from our trip.

P.S. I am currently working mostly on outside while the weather is still nice, so the next posts I do will be progress on the garage and my garden. Bear with me please. I'm working hard to post as much as possible!