Pin Of The Week (6/12/15)

Hello, all!

I have decided that as a way to keep my blog active and continue posting when I have nothing to report on the house, I will be sharing with you all a favorite pin of mine every Friday. I think it will be a great conversation starter and a way to share some really great info to those who may not use Pinterest.

So, today for the first of many "Pin Friday's" to come I bring you a pin that I found the other day on how to make your own mason jar citronella candles to repel mosquitoes. With Summer just around the corner and the temperatures rising, mosquitoes have been becoming quite bothersome when I'm trying to enjoy some outside time with my son. I was talking to my husband about buying some citronella candles when I came across this.

Here is the pin, which links to the site with more info and detailed instructions on how to make these super cute and effective mosquito repellants.

Picture by Marty's Musings

I have not tried this yet, but I do plan on it soon. Let me know if you've tried it, how it worked for you, and what the cost was versus buying a pre-made citronella candle. Post pics if you have them. :)