Bathroom Closet Makeover

Here's my before and after of my beach themed bathroom makeover.

Here's the before.

This is after I ripped all the ugly hundred year old newspapers off the shelves.

This closet has plenty of space and I knew it had the potential to look super cute while also storing all of my toiletries.

I started by cleaning the closet and removing the shelves. I wish I had sanded first, but I learned my lesson after painting started.

I first painted the walls. I'm impatient, so almost as soon as I was done and had let the paint dry (not entirely), I decided to put the shelves back in. I ended up scratching some of the paint off the walls--whoops. I began painting the shelves white, man am I getting sick of all the layers of white I've been having to do lately. This is where I started wishing I had sanded. Something, I'm not sure what, started getting clumpy and gross. I never did end up sanding, it turned out fine in the end, but it sure was annoying during the process.

After everything was dried, I went back with a small brush and touched up my accidental blemishes, including the scratches and white streaks from painting the shelves.

So after all that hard work, here is the finished product!

And with all the bathroom stuff finally out of the boxes and onto the shelves where they belong. :)

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